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Resident Engagement Task Force

Watch: The Vision

Resident Engagement's focus is to ensure that the residents of Waxahachie know what services are available to them. The Task Force plans to create an effective way to inform an array of citizens and lead them to resources that meet their needs. Currently, they are meeting with community leaders about partnerships and creating an updated list of services our community offers. Some of their long-term goals include: Having a real-time database that is current and available through means of a website or app, and creating a system of communication among the services offered in our community to make sure all needs are covered.

Meet the Organizer: Cory Lucas

Cory is the director of Mission 75165, a local nonprofit that works to form a coalition of churches, nonprofit agencies, and other entities to assist in meeting the needs of the community. "The passion for this task for comes from understanding Matthew 26:11, 'The poor you will have with you always.' There will always be people with needs and if we can create a system they are able to utilize to make those times more manageable it makes it all worth it."

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