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Household Financial Health Task Force

Watch: The Vision

HouseHold Financial Health's focus is for every Waxahachie household to have the training they need to achieve financial freedom, with requests for assistance being met with empowering, collaborative solutions. Currently, the Task Force is compiling a directory of organizations and resources that are serving financial needs in the community as well as identifying best practices of moving from relief to development in the areas of financial management training.

Meet the Organizer: Bobby Parks

Bobby is a member of the John Houston Homes organization. "I believe in the power of synergy, team work, and collaboration and there is no better cause for that than to serve the good of a city and its residents?" He believes that to see a city transformed, it will take many working together in humility and unity. "What could happen if through our efforts of collaboration an individual, a family, a neighborhood, or perhaps an entire city was transformed? We believe that through collaboration we can educate and empower more residents to be financially healthy."

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