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Closing the Employment Gap Task Force

Watch: The Vision

The "Closing the Employment Gap Task Force" seeks to accurately discover and define the unique employment gaps that exist in Waxahachie, providing Waxahachie employers with the opportunity to hire great candidates from our community. They have assembled a team of knowledgable individuals who have begun to delve into the issue - starting with asking the big questions about employment trajectory in our area, both present and future. Then they will begin to identify root gaps and cause issues.

Meet the Organizer: Charles Frame

Charles is the Executive Director of the UrbanWell Magazine which is a faith-based publication that serves Ellis County. According to Charles, vocation is incredibly important to the individual person, family, and culture not only for the material necessities of life, but also for the non-material. Vocation plays a vital role in the health of community, quality of life, and the alleviation of poverty. He believes in celebrating vocation and doing all he can to empower our neighbors to have the best opportunities they can. He says it is an important work for serving the good of Waxahachie. 

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