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Leadership Resourcing Task Force

Watch: The Vision

Leadership Resourcing's vision is that every organizational leader in Waxahachie has access to the resources and information they need to accomplish their mission. Their hope is to share quality information in a way that trains, equips, celebrates, and empowers leaders within our community. "What would it look like for our community to be known for leadership?" Waxahachie is known for great schools, exceptional medical care, and advancements in technology, but this Task Force dreams of making our community known for its high quality leaders that positively shape the people around them.

Meet the Organizer: Andy Lehmann

Andy is the Missions and Community Relations pastor at The Oaks Fellowship. He has a heart for bringing leaders of the city together for a common purpose and a shared goal. "The Waxahachie Project gives us a vehicle as leaders of the city to work together. Discovering the truth about our city's needs and strengths allows us to work together and know strategically what are the things we should be working on." 

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