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Volunteer Mobilization Task Force

Watch: The Vision

Volunteer Mobilization's Focus is for Leaders in Waxahachie to have access to the volunteers they need to accomplish their mission. Matching organizations who are in need of volunteers and residents who are in need of volunteer opportunities has always proved to be a challenge because a mechanism for doing so does not exist. So, they have begun conversations with local leaders and resident groups about their needs for volunteers. They plan to create a platform to make it as easy as possible for organizations to connect with willing volunteers!

Meet the Organizer: Casey Ballard

Casey is the director of the United Way of West Ellis County where she is dedicated to helping nonprofits find the funding they need. She has been involved with The Waxahachie Project from the beginning and has been instrumental in bringing this movement to where it is today. "We live in a beautiful, comfortable community and because of that, it is not uncommon for needs to go unnoticed. We are committed to raising the awareness of the needs that exist in our community in hopes that we will then mobilize an army of people to meet them."

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