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Next Generation Equipping Task Force

Watch: The Vision

The Next Generation Equipping Task Force exists so that every youth in Waxahachie has the opportunity to add value to our city and is equipped with critical financial management skills for life-long success. They have spent much of our first month coordinating and collaborating with Life School and Waxahachie ISD to determine the best way for them to get volunteers into the classroom and in front of students. Their organizer Matt Authier has said, "It has been a real joy seeing both school systems come together for the good of students in Waxahachie." The next steps will involve selecting a curriculum and format for presenting information to the students in an engaging way. 

Meet the Organizer: Matt Authier

Matt has been a member of the Waxahachie Independent School District Board since 2015. "I think one of our greatest responsibilities as leaders is to prepare the next generation for what lies ahead of them. One of the biggest challenges young people face early in life is navigating personal finances, whether it is renting their first apartment, opening a bank account, establishing credit, avoiding major debt, etc." He believes in on our younger generation becoming actively engaged in their community through volunteerism and civic service.

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