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Working Together for the Good of Waxahachie

The Waxahachie Project's vision is to unite community leaders, business leaders, non-profits, churches, and educational institutions to work for the good of our city. We do that by embracing a shared understanding of Waxahachie's greatest needs & strengths and measures for continual health & growth.

Our heart is to serve and celebrate the many people and organizations already doing so much good for our city. We do that by providing a vehicle by which leaders can work together toward common goals that will make our great city of Waxahachie an even greater place to live and work.

About Us

How did The Waxahachie Project get started?

Why did it begin?

What has been accomplished so far? Learn more about the vision and the approach we have taken to help our community become and even greater place.

The Story
Our Research

We surveyed Waxahachie residents and sat down with 70+ leaders from every sector in the city. Download a copy of the 38-page research report detailing the findings of our community's strengths and needs.


Who is a part of The Waxahachie Project? Learn about the organizations sponsoring The Waxahachie Project and hear from a handful of local leaders as to why they are a part of this initiative.

About Us

Task Forces

Based on our research and the feedback of many leaders in the community,

we have formed 6 task forces to work for the good of our city.  Click on one to learn more.

Task Forces


Become a 2020 ALLY!


The Waxahachie Project (TWP) has brought together the best of our community. By creating opportunities for collaboration across industries, sectors, and leaders, TWP is committed to elevating the potential of every resident and our city.


As an Ally you will have a direct impact on shaping the future. We’ve configured this role to give you an opportunity to share your voice and lend your hands to this work, all while honoring your time.

Contact Us
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